Portrait or caricature gift box

You want to offer and capture an event, give originality to a specific time, change the mood of one of your photos, offer an original gift to someone … or you you simply want to offer a portrait or caricature for the most fun part, the gift box portrait and caricature is for you.

Before any plan provide 3 or 4 pictures (selection based on the quality of the image). A photo with one or more subjects is accepted (no more than three faces) and photographs of animals are accepted. You can also prepare a comment to appear on the final portrait or caricature (no more than 150 words). This comment will appear on the bottom of the image.

Package 1: the caricature

In color or in black and white, a representation or a cartoon version, the caricature is done directly from a photo to attach. Several options will be available at that time. You should choose the best one that reply to your needs. The final project will be close to what you want and the resemblance is striking obviously with the touch of originality that makes the charm of the caricature.

Package 2: the portrait

Here the choice of the photo is important, because the subject drawn will exactly looks like the person on the picture furnished. This is a perfect gift to offer for the memory of passage in the human life. The portrait is available in black and white, drawn with original charcoal or pencil.

Note: Please book at least 3 days in advance

Opening hours: monday to Friday from 15 pm to 19 pm.


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