Market Report China



Daxue Council regularly conducts market research, that is to say, analysis of trends, developments of sectors, based on quantitative data and qualitative information.

These studies are aimed to enable our customers to have a vision as comprehensive as possible a market as well as the positioning and specific strategies of different actors. Project Managers and provide recommendations as operational as possible.



To conduct market research, Daxue Council may appeal to a variety of methodologies:


documentary research

Qualitative interviews with market experts

Interviews with competitors through a variety of approaches

Qualitative interviews in-house clients

Design and synthesis of internal documents, etc..


The recommendations resulting market studies are accompanied by a number of deliverables, which can be in particular:


Figures highlighting industry trends

A benchmark of players on the market

Summary sheets detailing the strategy of competitors

Recommendations on positioning

some references

Thus, Daxue Council has recently completed the following benefits:


For Degremont, a study on the progress of water treatment plants

Essec for a listing of HR departments

For an SME, study pospection

Prices of services

Market studies are in charge jour-etude/homme charged between 50 and 300 euros. The minimum price for a study of 500 euros. Some studies may include up to 50,000 euros in the establishment of framework contracts.

Amy Wang for Market Report China