Chinese massages

You want to offer a relaxing and well-being to one of you closes friends or family? Look no further, the pack “Chinese’s Massages” is for you. Practiced in China for over 4,000 years, Chinese massage is still practiced and taught. It is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is known for its virtues of well being. Chinese massage restores the flow of vital energy.

This pack invites you to discover and practice the fundamentals of Chinese methods to find an incredible energy and formidable vitality through different stages:

– Introduction to Taoist body massage

– Foot reflexology and facial

– Qi Gong exercises

– The art of good living tips specific to the Chinese culture

You can also have an additional option, the discovery of “foot massage”, practiced from the feet to the knees, for a feeling of a deep relaxation. The foot massage is making by the tonic stimulation, and restore balance the human metabolism and the nervous system. This box gift also invites you to discover natural recipes to do by yourself, to practice simple meditation exercises and many other related massage and Chinese culture element.

For who: This formula is for all

Minimum number of participants: 2

Note: Please book at least 3 days in advance

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 11 pm to 16 pm.

In addition: the book “Practical Chinese massage” offered. This is a practical guide that can be used by all, to know the practices of Chinese massage and the acupuncture points.


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